The Elm Tree



A WARM WELCOME The Elm Tree is a 17th century country pub, located at the heart of the beautiful coastal village of Langton Herring, a short walk from Chesil Beach and the Fleet, on the Jurassic Coast

A PLACE OF HISTORY AND CHARACTER Originally built almost 400 years ago, the Elm Tree is a place of character and history; once upon a time being frequented by smugglers and “wreckers”, it is said to be haunted; it was visited by Barnes Wallis and Churchill during the War and it was even a secret rendezvous for Russian spies during the ‘60s. In 1746, the Elm Tree became the first pub outside Weymouth to become part of the Devenish estate, when HRH the Prince of Wales leased the pub to John Devenish – and the original deeds can still be found hanging in the bar. Devenish remained the owner until the brewery was sold in the early ‘90s. Langton Herring get its name from the old English “lang” and “tun” meaning Long Farmstead (that stretched along the shores of the Fleet) and Harencs, a Norman family that settled at Langton during the 13th century. Extraordinarily, Langton Herring is one of the few “doubly thankful” villages in England – and the only village in Dorset – that did not suffer any fatalities during both World Wars.

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