The New Gurkha Inn

A Family-run Restaurant

The New Gurkha Inn Talgarth, Brecon was opened in September 2017 as a family business.

We look forward to sharing a part of our culture with you and that you enjoy your meal... 

The taste of Nepalese cuisine differs from region to region within our country. However, common factors are the use of fresh herbs and spices - many of which are unique to Nepali cooking and are prepared in the “Khal” (stone mortar), rather than the powders used in other Asian Cuisines.  The New Gurkha Inn presents you with a selection of our regional dishes which are carefully blended to give you the authentic taste of Nepalese Cuisine. To retain the original flavor, we use fresh herbs and spices. Some of our dishes are a specialty of our chef who skilfully blends the Indian and Chinese cuisines, “Pleasant to your palate, but not overpowering in flavor...” The New Gurkha Inn presents a gastronomical experience that is prepared with great care and attention and has no room for shortcut methods.

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