Bua Luang Thai Restaurant and Winebar

Thai Restaurant & Wine Bar

Thai restaurant situated in a beautiful setting in Warwickshire

We offer Asian food, Thai takeaways, food and a wine bar

Sawas-dee ka. This is the story of the Bua Luang… When I was young I lived with my mother and my grandparents, Whenever I thought of my father and wondered what he looked like, I would ask my grandmother and she would say ‘Look at yourself in the mirror! Then you will see him. My life growing up was very difficult. I lived on a farm with my mother about 10 kilometers from the village. My mother grew vegetables on the farm. Every morning and evening, before and after school, I had to carry many buckets of water from the river for the vegetables, Everyday I would see a lot of Lotus flowers in the river. One lotus flower, in particular, was very big and very beautifully coloured when it was open. One day I asked my mother about the large and very beautiful Lotus flower. She said “It is called the Bua Luang. It is called like your surname.” Every time my mother and grandparents cooked food for the Monks in the village temple, my mother would tell me to take the Bua Luang to pay repects to the Monks and to the Buddha. I think that the Bua Luang is very special. I still take the Bua Luang to the temple to pray and then put in the jar for the Buddha every time that I go to the temple. Bua Luang means the Royal Lotus. The name Bua Luang reminds me of my father, my grandfather and the faher of Thailand – KIng Rama IX – Pauw Luang. Three very special fathers of my life. However my life has been very difficult and hard work and long story, but today I am very happy and lucky to be here to set up the Bua Luang Restaurant. I want to make everyone feel happy when they come to Bua Luang and feel special just like the special Bua Luang – the Royal Lotus. Welcome to Bua Luang

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