Giggling Squid Warwick

Thailand's richness

Giggling squid wants to recreate the spirit of Thai mealtimes a plenty of dishes hot off the wok.

Giggling Squid Thai restaurant. Fresh Thai food with bold flavours, exotic ingredients, and dishes with personality. Offering takeaway & delivery and open for dine-in guests.

It took so long to open this Giggling Squid! We constantly had locals popping their heads around the door asking when we were going to open. It became an ongoing joke! One man mentioned to my husband that it had nearly been a whole year; we didn’t want to tell him it had actually been a year & a half! We all love Warwick, it’s such a beautiful warren of a building. The basement is probably my favourite bit. We literally had to dig it out! It’s totally unrecognisable now. I don’t think I want to say much more. You’ll need to see it for yourself!

  • Children Welcome
  • Vegetarian Options
  • Gluten Free Options
  • Reservations
  • Internet Booking


Booking available online via the website: