Indian Restaurant

Masalaz in Nuneaton is a high-quality Indian restaurant that serves authentic Indian dishes.

Masalaz is an authentic Indian restaurant and takeaway, where we offer the finest Indian dishes for you to enjoy.

MASALAZ was founded in early 2010 by myself, When I brought the restaurant I had great plans and dreams to turn it into a family friendly place so every experience you have will be a memorable and enjoyable one, And I am pleased to say it has been completed to a very high spectacular standard inside and out. I chose the name MASALAZ as its the most important and most special ingredient we use to cook Indian / Bangladeshi fusion foods. Without masala the food will not be complete. We at MASALAZ only use the finest masala in our cooking and we very much pride ourselves in this. Our chef has over 35 years experience in cooking Indian / Bangladeshi food and has travelled many places to share his excellent experience and learn more about different foods and flavours to build up the best of his knowledge. You can rest ashore that your dish will not leave the kitchen unless it meets his high expectation. Each dish is made to the very highest standards which will leave you satisfied and wanting more. We cater for large parties such as weddings, birthdays, business functions, or any type of special occasion. We can rearrange the tables so all your guest can sit together, we can also decorate your section and table If you require to give it a special touch.

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