The Wheatsheaf Inn

Traditional country pub.

The wheatsheaf inn, Carlisle, United Kingdom.

The Wheatsheaf has stood at the heart of the Wetheral community since the beginning of the 19th century.

The Wheatsheaf Inn was open for much of the 19th century, surviving when many other public house in Wetheral where closed. The Wheatsheaf came under state control in 1916 until its sale in 1973. The Wheatsheaf Public House was once a meeting house for the payment of dues and fines to the Dean and Chapter in the 17th century and has been a public house for the last two hundred years. The Wheatsheaf Inn was the meeting place for the "Court Leet and Viewof Frankpledge" with the Court Baron. This was where tenants came to play their customary dues and fines to the Lord of the Manor, is this case, the Dean and Chapter. This ceremony over, the tenants then partook of a dinner. After this meal they were presented with long churchwarden pipes, and glasses wre charged, stories were then told, and songs were sung, until the small hours of the next morning. The granary steps have vanashed from the front of the building, and the little cottage formerly at its upper end has been intergrated with the main buildings.

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