Bilash Tandoori Restaurant

Relaxing atmosphere

Exotic traditional cuisine from India and Bangladesh

Welcome to the Bilash Tandoori Restaurant

We hope you will enjoy our exotic traditional cuisine from India and Bangladesh. All dishes are prepared using only the finest ingredients. We pride ourselves on the warmth of our hospitality and we promise to do our best to ensure you enjoy your meal in a relaxing atmosphere. Fully Air Conditioned Families Welcome Indian Food Guide Seafood dishes are prominent along the coastline of India, where the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, and Indian Ocean offer rich bounties of fish and shellfish. Jungle areas of India offer mangoes, guava, papaya, bananas, and coconuts. Vegetarian cuisine is widespread, resulting from the predominance of Hindus in India. There are a wealth of dishes which solely rely on grains, legumes, and vegetables. In contrast, the Muslims rely on beef and lamb as integral parts of their diets.

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