Eastern Balti Restaurant

Indian restaurant

traditional curries, specials, masalas, and biryanis

Life without Indian food is like no life at all.

Eastern Balti is the place to be if you love quality food and great hospitality. We serve our customers with the finest dishes. Our menu is a typical Indian dishes menu, and customers will find various saucy, spicy and mild dishes. We have a huge selection of dishes, and they are all delicious. We have a culture of sticking to the highest standards of food preparation. We always ensure that the ingredients we buy are the best. We also take the food preparation process seriously. We have a huge wealth of information to borrow from when it comes to preparing great meals. Our recipes are representative of the variety we offer. We are informed by both tradition and modernity. The flavour that each plate guarantees are unmatched. Eastern Balti has invested heavily to ensure that every aspect of the restaurant embodies excellence. We also have a fantastic customer service. We put a great effort into ensuring that the passion behind our services is felt by everyone. We are always dedicated and friendly. Our restaurant is open to all those who value quality services and great times.

  • Wheelchair Access
  • Vegetarian Options
  • Reservations