The Rusty Bicycle

British - Pub

Beloved neighbourhood pub

Serving authentic quality Neapolitan pizzas, award winning burgers and much more. Part of Dodo Pub Co. Eat, Drink and Be Social.

Dodo Pubs started out in 2009, when we found a down and out boozer in the back streets of East Oxford and decided to take it on. It stank of stale smoke and old dog and looked like granny’s living room, but what did we know? We shrugged our shoulders and cracked on with the renovation, and the Rusty Bicycle was born. Within a few months the neighbourhood seemed to have embraced the Rusty, and before we knew it the place was filling up night after night. We figured we’d better start serving some food to soak up the booze, so we dug out an old electric 4-hob range cooker that looked like it’d fallen arse end out of the 1940s and fired her up; she worked first time. Word spread, and we quickly realised that we’d need something more heavyweight to cope with demand… so we invested in a proper commercial kitchen.

  • Children Welcome
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Vegetarian Options
  • Gluten Free Options
  • Reservations
  • Internet Booking
  • Outdoor seating


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